WELLfed, an initiative of The Imaginarium, wants you to get the same goosebumps that we get from spending every day dreaming up ways to change the world before bedtime.  And we know that people understand that access to clean water is an incredible privilege. So, we create short, high-impact events and initiatives that allow big and little groups of giant-hearted people to inspire, fund and build wells in water-scarce places around the world.  Clean water trickles into a community in so many joyful and life-changing ways, bringing improved sanitation and health and new opportunities to focus on education and building foundations for families, schools, businesses and bigger dreams. We have product partnerships and unique collaborations on the horizon, too!



Events + Initiatives

From simple dinner party events to restaurant collaborations, from cocktail parties to school fundraising breakfasts...you'll see it all.  We'll even toss in a social media campaign now and then and some retailer and specialty food partnerships.  And we'll help individuals, families, schools, small businesses, corporations and events create their own WELLfed successes, all while partnering with and funding existing nonprofit organizations who are already doing amazing work in the world of clean water.  


On Friday, February 24th, 2017, we hosted WELLfed Winter at Centerbrook Architects in Centerbrook, CT, on the Connecticut shoreline, with dozens of food and drink tasting stations and a goal to fund one well to serve over 800 people in the Kaberamaido District in Uganda. We were able to finish the funding on a second well, too, so over 2000 people will have a lifetime of safe water. We are so grateful to everyone, especially our nonprofit partner, Call To Care Uganda. Find some pictures at our WELLfed Facebook page.

In 2018, we completed the collaboration between the awesome Mary T. Murphy School in Branford, CT, Call To Care Uganda, and Earth2, to bring safe water to 502 students at GreenLand Primary School in the Soroti District in Uganda.

And we launched our sixth project with CALL TO CARE UGANDA in December, 2020, and, using the Givebutter platform, finalized funding for a new well in Obur Village just three weeks later. Their well is up and running and over 1200 amazing people can count on safe water and all the empowerment and communit-building that brings!

Bululu.Casting and Install 2021 (1).jpeg