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eat. drink. change the world before bedtime.

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Through creative food and beverage-related events, specialty food products, and fundraising partnerships, we help build sustainable, accessible, clean wells in water-scarce areas around the world.

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WELLfed is changing.

Just a little bit.

And we're excited to share all the new goals, partnerships, and dreams with you. Soon.

Here's a hint - through our parent company, The Imaginarium, we're working on mobilizing collaborations that identify, create, and market both established and new specialty food and beverage products that will host a WELLfed icon and support clean water project fundraising. 

Eat. Drink. Change the world before bedtime.

Big News!

if you're asking

what's our first step?

We inspire the creative events, motivate the funding, and do a little funding ourselves. And we love our generous financial and in-kind donors who have made it possible for us to realize our goals.  But, our most important job is building relationships with trusted, successful individuals and organizations who study and negotiate and dig and build and sweat and train and mobilize.  We collaborate with these nonprofits because they have the critical support on the ground that is needed to get clean water flowing fast.  In the coming years, we'll be adding well builds beyond our Uganda projects, including fundraisers with some U.S. partner beneficiaries.  

if you're asking

what can I do?

Then...we're grateful.  Because WELLfed needs people who want to be good neighbors to the world.  So, keep an eye out for our events, spread the word about our social media campaigns, gather friends and family and attend some fundraising outings, shop and share our future product collaborations, and dine out during our WELLfed WEDNESDAY restaurant initiative that we hope to launch in 2024.

With your help and kindness and bold generosity, we'll bring more safe water projects to life, together.

"No act of kindness,

        however small,

                                  is ever wasted."                                                                                                                             Aesop



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